An Unfinished Conversation


Adoption is something that defines someone’s life, however, some people don’t talk about it because they are either ashamed of it or dont know what to say to someone who is adopted. There shouldn’t be that stigma with adoption and the positives of adoption should be brought to attention instead of the awkwardness.

Investigate into your own personal story of your adoption by using your files at social services, your life story book, pictures DNA story. Use this to create a set of design that will highlight the topic of adoption, showing how interesting and positive it may be, trying to get people to talk about it more. 

Personal Brief




Print, Book, Design with a cause

Technical Skill:

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Final Outcomes: 

  • A book going into the story of your adoption. Use photos and other items to document how it went and also use things such as your DNA story. Use this to create the book and make it informative, interesting and something that will make people want to talk about adoption rather than avoid it.