Black Country Slang


These days most areas have their own distinct dialect and sayings through slang that has been developed throughout the history of that area. You have examples such as the London rhyming slang, Northern England has quite famous slang phrases, however, some areas have slang that isn't as well known but is just as characteristically interesting

Create products that can be sold in museums across the 'Black Country' area that uses local slang terms that people visiting the area can buy so to boost the popularity of the slang from this area. You can use any slang possible but keep it family friendly. You may use the 'Black Country' Flag as design inspiration for your products.

Final Outcomes: 

  • A poster based on the 'Black Country Alphabet'

  • A deck of 26 cards, each card based on a letter of the alphabet from the 'Black Country Alphabet' from the poster

  • A set of 10 postcards based on slang sayings from the black country area

  • Packaging for the cards and postcards

  • These must be designed with the idea that they could be sold in museums in the area in mind

Personal Brief




Print, Card Design, Postcard Design, Poster Design, Packaging, Typography

Technical Skill:

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop