Earth's Water


Water pollution is a huge concern for us and our environment. Not only is polluted water a huge financial strain but is also killing both humans and marine life. With oil spills, an abundance of plastic waste and toxic chemicals entering our waterways, we’re damaging the most valuable resource our planet has to offer.

By educating people on the causes and effects of water pollution, we can work together to undo the damage humans have caused. Laws also need to change to make pollution tougher, consistently across national borders.

Create a campaign to raise awareness and aim to create change on water pollution. It must be a solution and provocation that has the potential to provoke action and have a genuine impact. 

This could be a poster campaign that also uses Guerilla Marketing or could come in the form of digital areas such as social media and apps.

Competition Brief:

Creative Conscience - Open Brief [Environment]





Print, Leaflet Design, Poster Design, Postcard Design, Packaging Design, Guerilla Marketing, Eco Design, Competition Work, Brand Design

Technical Skill:

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Final Outcomes: 

  • A well informed campaign that uses facts and statistics to engage and educate people to the problems about water pollution.

  • A solution that can get the attention of people and cause real change by getting people to want to engage and change. 

  • Interactive aspects to the project so the public can interact with your work.