The People's Prophet


In today’s political climate, fake news is rampant. In all media types it is hard to distinguish real news from fake news. It is on social media, TV and newspapers. Many news companies today need to get people reading them as people are becoming more disinterested and sceptical of tabloids, so they go for eye catching news stories. However, this means reporters are slowly caring less about their integrity and more about what stories they can create. 

Conspiracy theories are becoming more commonplace with the increased distrust of the mainstream media. Along with this, newspapers are starting to die out, due to digital media and the new generation more interested in recycling and saving paper. Create a newspaper from the mindset of a crazed conspiracy theorist, including 6 mainstream conspiracy theories. Use this to show the strength of news and how they can be portrayed in a newspaper.

Personal Brief




Print, Newspaper, Zine, Risograph printing, Broadsheet, Logo Design.

Technical Skill:

Illustrator, InDesign

Final Outcomes: 

  • A Broadsheet newspaper with a minimum of 20 pages. (10 spreads)

  • A selection of 6 theories.

  • Other pages must include:

    •  a spread of smaller featured conspiracy theories

    • A spread of advertisements for jobs and products that relate to conspiracy theories

    • An ‘agony aunt’ page with advice for readers on conspiracy theory situations.

    • The rest must be relevant to both newspapers and conspiracy theories.

    • A zine with a minimum of 12 pages to work as a newspaper insert.