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There are a huge selection of products now being sold in supermarkets and so many ranges to choose from, however, some don’t use their branding and packaging to their advantage to entice the customer into buying their products. Some don’t have good design encorporated into the packaging so it makes the product seem sub par to the other products.

Choose a range of products that you think could do with better design and redesign them. Try not to rebrand, keep the original logo, however, if it is unbranded or the brand is also designed badly, you may brand the product too. You must pick a range of at least three to show how you would design a range to look similar but different enough to be individual. 

Personal Brief




Print, Packaging, Rebranding

Technical Skill:

Illustrator, InDesign

Final Outcomes: 

  • A range of at least three products to be redesigned. The packaging can change formats, such as changing of bottles or shape of packaging but it must fit with the design of your work.