Hi, I'm Sam. A freelance graphic Designer from Dudley in the West Midlands, 

I am creative and have a particular interest in print design whether it be editorial, books, or advertisement. I also enjoy trying new things so I am always open for new areas of design.

About me


My Skills

My skills include creative typography, logo design, animation & editorial. 

I mainly specialise in print design, however, I have experience with animation in After Effects and have experience with Website Design. My preferred style includes simple, sleek design with the use of vector imagery and flat colours. 

I am experienced in the Adobe Suite, particularly Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I also have brief experience with Adobe After Effects. 

Feel free to look at my work and get a feel for what I do.

Technical Skills


Editorial and Layout Design

Packaging, Logo, Typography and General Design

Print based Media

Animation and Web Design

Illustration and sketching

Featured Designs

The People's Prophet

Based on conspiracy theories, 'The People's Prophet' is a personal project where I experimented with layout and layering. Designed to broadsheet size it gave me a good way to experiment as much as possible and get me to go outside my comfort zone in terms of my usual design style.

Recent Work

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